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Caroline Skirrow Nutritional Therapist BSc mBANT CNHC

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eat your way to better health

Achieve sustainable weight-loss

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Eating well can boost your well-being NOW and set you on the right path for a healthy future.  


You pay professionals to service your car, your boiler, cut your hair, mend your home. isn't it worth investing in one of the most treaured possessions you have.....YOUR HEALTH.


I've helped hundreds of people improve their health with straightforward, achievable nutrition and lifestyle advice and I can help you too.


All the advice I give is individualised to suit YOUR state of health, YOUR goals, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR budget at a pace that is realistic for YOU to achieve.


AND, please don't assume it has to be hard, people are often surprised by what I add back into their diets and how quickly they feel the benefits. Even minor tweaks can reap great rewards and I will be there to support you with small, easy changes that will soon add up to big and tangible improvements.


Not sure? Then why not call or email me without obligation and I can guide you on whether nutrition is the right route for you. If I don't think it is then I will say so.


Want to know more about me? Click on the video below or visit the about me page:

I liked Caroline's efficiency in questioning every aspect of my health. She was also keen on liaising with my GP, which was comforting.


Her advice definitely helped my symptoms.


Martha Alexander


She really helped manage my IBS.


Highly recommended!


Tina, London EC1

Reduce your long-term disease risk

Boost your health and immunity

Aid sporting performance and recovery

Get support for a life stage such as pregnancy or menopause

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Caroline was really helpful in discovering what foods didn't work for me. Her knowledge and experience guided me to feel much better on a day to day basis. 


I would highly recommend her!


Alexandra, Kensington

Understand what a healthy diet really looks like and how easy it can be to achieve

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Reduce stress and improve energy